Img PhilosophySachin Gandhi & Associates is an instinctively progressive, instinctively co-operative and instinctively innovative organization. We believe that progressive architecture, founded on the principles of humanistic modernism, has a positive influence on the social and environmental aspects of our lives. We develop the project from its conceptual stage, molding it with detailing and specifications and finally achieving an aesthetically desired design. Our conceptual thinking integrates art, science, technology and economy with architecture and landscape.

We seek innovation that pushes the boundaries of construction technique, materials and sustainable environmental practice to provide our clients with buildings that exceed their expectations. Buildings that are an inspiration to users and provide a strong identity. Buildings that stand the test of time.

We strongly believe that barriers between different disciplines should be broken down and that better urbanism and architecture is achieved through working alongside the client, economists, engineers, construction consultants, artists and anthropologists rather than working with them  remotely.

By means of participation and sharing information and thoughts throughout the process of realizing urban development and architecture, we have found that a triangle of confidence can be created and sustained between the client, the industry and the design team thus resulting in imaginative, resolved and beautiful projects.


"Architecture is shaping the human experience "

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